Friday, January 11, 2008

Three Weeks Old

Mom fed Peyton from a bottle today and she did great! She finished the whole thing in 15 minutes. Peyton is closing in fast on four pounds. She's now 3 lbs., 13.3 oz. She's up to three bottles a day and doing very well. Today she had one of JU's finest nurses, Laura, taking care of her!

Sam's temperature has been a little low recently, so they put him back in the isolette to keep him warm. They ran some blood tests to make sure he wasn't sick, and those came back normal. His nurse told us that they'd probably keep him in there for a couple of days, just to be safe. He's up to 5 lbs., 4.8 oz. now.

Adah is still the solid rock of the family. She was a little fussy yesterday waiting to eat, and we heard her cry for the first time. Premature babies don't usually cry a lot until 34 weeks, so we're told. She's up to 4 lbs., 8 oz. and eating three bottles a day.

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