Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sam's Homecoming

We had expected that Sam would come home first, because he was the biggest baby and steadily gained weight. I think when he found out that his sister beat him home that he was jealous, so he decided to join her. We got a call from the hospital on Friday, January 18 that Sam would be going home that day. Mom and Dad went to the hospital to pick him up and Adah stayed at home with Bogey, Marmi, and Nonni. Three adults to take care of one tiny little baby! Room in the back seat of the car started to get precious, with the addition of another car seat! We brought Sam home to see everyone and I think he was pretty excited to see his sister again. Wilson, on the other hand, was a little disappointed to see another one come through the door!

Sam weighed 5 lbs., 7 oz. when he left the hospital. At his first doctor's appointment 4 days later, he weighed 5 lbs., 13 oz. and was 19 inches long. Sam is very patient and rarely cries or gets fussy. With Mom and Dad trying to feed three babies at a time, Sam patiently waits until both his sisters are finished. He's pretty laid back and takes his time eating. He likes to be swaddled and sleeps very well in his crib. He also likes being on his tummy and doing some strength training by lifting his head up off the floor. Sam had his first "sink bath" today and he really like being in the water. His dad is hoping he'll be a swimmer!!

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