Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grandma Names

JoAnne's mother came to visit the triplets today. She got to hold her first grandchildren (Sam and Adah), which was pretty exciting. Sam is over five pounds, Adah is at 4 lbs., 5oz., and Peyton is 3 lbs., 11 oz. Sam is eating from the bottle four times a day, and the girls are at 2 bottles a day.

There has been some debate in the family as to JoAnne's mom's "grandma name." Candy has been tossing the following ideas for her "grandma name:"
1. Nonni (Nah-nee)
2. Cici
3. Gigi
4. MoreMom (this is not really in the running, but it was one of the funnier options)

These are the grandma names that are not in the running:
1. Grandmother (Candy's mother)
2. Grandma (David's mother)
3. Mimi (Matt's mom)
4. Marmy (Matt's dad's wife)

We've included a poll (over on the right) on grandma names. Please let Candy know your top choice. This is almost as important as those primary things happening around the country.

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