Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking the Lead

Adah has taken the lead among the babies and might be the first to come home. They've taken the feeding tube out of her stomach and she is eating all of her meals from the bottle now. She had only been taking three feedings from a bottle only a couple of days ago, so she's made great progress!! Dad fed her today and she did very well. She's up to 4 lbs., 10 oz.

Mom fed Sam, and he also ate everything that was in his bottle, and he's also out of his isolette. He's doing very well also, and is eating 2 out of every three feedings from a bottle. Sam weighs 5 lbs., 6 oz.

Peyton's heart rate dropped a little bit yesterday, so they've put her back on the pulse oximeter (measures the amount of oxygen in the blood). No one is really concerned about that, but it's a minor setback. Her red blood cell count was a little low, so she received a blood transfusion yesterday. We found out that she, and her brother and sister, are all A positive. She is up to 4 lbs., 2 oz. She's up to four bottles a day and ate everything that Dad had for her. This was the first time that all three babies ate everything in their bottle. We were so proud of all of them!

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