Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Pictures

The Clifford family has been busy with Matt studying for comprehensive exams over the past couple weeks ... we know he'll do great! We promise we will write more soon. In the meantime, we've posted some new pictures to the Triplets at Home album ... enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting Big

Peyton, Sam, and Adah have been doing beautifully the last few weeks. All are getting so big and we can't believe how fast they are growing. Right now, they are 1.5 weeks past their due date. They are all already starting to lift their heads and scoot along during tummy time, which is great. We can also tell that they are starting to focus more on our faces and objects close to their faces.

Of course, as they are getting older, they are staying awake a lot more in between eating. When they were very small, all they did was eat and then immediately fall back asleep. Now they stay awake some more so we can play and interact with them, which is great. A lot more of their personalities start to come out when this happens. Sam is still our patient, serious little guy who is content most of the time. Adah loves to be held and likes to stay awake the most (especially in the middle of the night, but we're working on that!). Peyton is our sensitive little girl who probably has the best expressions of the bunch. It is really fun to see them develop and grow into little people with their own unique personalities.

The last doctor visit at the end of February went great. We don't have to go back until their 3 month check-up in mid-March! Sam was 9-14, Adah was 8-13, and Peyton was 8-2. Nonni went with us to the doctor for the first time and she grilled the doctor as all good grandparents should! She tried to convince him to let the babies go out to public places before the end of April (the end of flu season), but he wouldn't budge. Oh well. We're looking forward to when we can take them out to meet everyone!