Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

The Clifford's are officially uncool...we bought a minivan over the weekend. It was an inevitable purchase that we tried to fight, but we were starting to outgrow our cars. It is a nice minivan, but that doesn't do much to assuage the loss of our youth.

Matt took the week off of work and we spent some time at Nonni and Grandad's house. It was nice to have the extra help around and to play with all the fun things at their house. We took the kids into the pool for their first swim. It was quite an adventure. Sam really enjoyed it, which now has Matt dreaming of an Olympic swimmer. The girls didn't take to it the first day, but they liked it a lot better the second time around.

Sam is now a blabber mouth, talking to his hand, various inanimate objects, and when he wakes up in the morning. Peyton went a long time without talking, but she's found her voice again and is a big talker, too. Adah is trying to get over a cold that she probably picked up at Uncle Bryan's wedding.

Matt had talked to a lot of dads who were looking forward to a game of golf or some time on the couch. He decided against that and wanted to spend some extra time with the babies, although he lobbied against changing diapers successfully.

We put a new album on the website. Check it out here. Now that they're older, we'll try to update the photos monthly, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here Comes the Bride!

We've had a great couple of weeks since our last post. Everyone is continuing to grow and get so big! It's hard to imagine Peyton, Sam, and Adah all used to weigh only 3.5 pounds just about 6 months ago. They have accomplished some big milestones for their gestational age of 3.5 months. Adah has rolled from her back to her tummy, which she is happy about since she loves her tummy! Peyton is halfway there and Sam shows absolutely no interest in laying anywhere but his back! I'm sure he'll turn over one day, but he's pretty happy just looking at the ceiling for now.

All three babies LOVE to stand up now. Sam would stand all day if our arms could hold him up that long. But anyone knows who has held him that holding him up for just 5 minutes of standing is a workout in and of itself! Peyton is the kicker of the bunch and we estimate that she has already run a marathon by this point in her life. Adah is our smiler and "loud mouth", she always has something to say! All three babies love to sit up and are showing the first signs of being able to do it on their own. It will still be a little while, but they are on their way!

This past weekend was Uncle Bryan's (and Aunt Ashley's) wedding. The babies did pretty well for the entire thing. Because our babysitter fell through for Saturday night, the babies ended up making an appearance at the wedding. Luckily we found a great babysitter for the ceremony, but the babies were lucky enough to get to go to the reception. Everyone was glad to see them and they enjoyed looking at all the people and flashing lights! We headed home from the reception early to get everyone to bed, but we all had a great time and loved celebrating with Ashley and Bryan. We hope they are having fun on their honeymoon!

We head to the doctor at the end of this month for the 6 month check-up ... we can't believe they are that old already! We'll keep everyone updated on their progress and we promise to post some more pictures soon!