Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bring in the Car Seat

We asked one of the nurses yesterday about how much notice we would get before one of the babies was discharged from the hospital. She said that usually they tried to give you about a week's notice. Apparently, once they ask you to bring in the car seat, it'll be 3-4 days. JoAnne and her sister were visiting the babies today, and they all seemed to be doing well. No real news to report. When she got to her car, there was a message on her cell phone from the nurse saying that they need us to bring in the car seat for Adah. So, Adah might be coming home in a couple of days, and Sam will likely be right behind her (they asked us later this evening to bring his car seat in tomorrow). We're are both in a state of shock, fear, and excitement right now! Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow and they can come home for the long weekend. Peyton is also doing well. Her nurse was going to try to bring her out of the isolette tonight and see how she does holding her temperature. We think she'll still be there for a little while. Stay tuned for pictures of Adah and Sam's homecoming!!

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