Saturday, April 12, 2008

Visit from Mimi

I realize it's been awhile since our last post when I've already taken my comprehensive exams for the doctoral program. Sorry about that! I hope I can make it up by not only posting here, but also adding more pictures and a video to the Clifford Triplets web page. The video is of Adah. She is not the favored child; I'm working in reverse birth order on a video for each of them.

This past week, while Nonni and Grandad (JoAnne's parents) were in Ireland, Mimi (Matt's mom) came to visit for the week. Aunt Meghann also visited for the first half of the week. It was great to have them see the babies and help us out. It was nice to have dinners fixed for us all week!

We've also made a great leap forward with the babies' sleep habits. Sam has slept through the night twice this week!! By sleeping through the night, I mean we put him to bed at 7pm, and he woke up at 7am. It's at times like these when we wish we could clone our son. Not that we don't love our girls, but they don't cherish their sleep like he does! They are still doing pretty well, going from 7pm to 7am with only one feeding in the middle of the night. We're pretty excited about these new developments!

They are also starting to really exercise their personalities. They have started to hit some newborn milestones. Although they're almost 4 months old, their "adjusted age" (based on their due date, Feb. 23) is 7 weeks. The doctors measure their developmental milestones (crawling, smiling, etc.) by their adjusted age until they've "caught up," usually by age 2. They've all started to smile at us (and Wilson) and are making the cutest baby noises. They're also very good at holding their heads up. They respond to mom and dad's voices and follow us across the room (usually when we have to grab brother or sister!). They're headed to the doctor this week for their 4 month checkup. We'll let you know their updated baby stats.

Don't forget to look at the new pictures and video at our web site.

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