Sunday, April 27, 2008

Slumber Party

We've had an exciting week! Matt's grandparents came to visit on Thursday and got to see the babies. They had a lot of fun and thanks to Aunt Rebecca for driving their great-grandparents down from Georgia.

Matt successfully finished his oral comprehensive exams for the doctoral program, so now he's a "doctoral candidate." The only thing standing between him and the degree now is that little dissertation thing. I'm sure that Peyton, Adah, and Sam will help him write it!

Nonni and Grandad came over on Sunday to spend the day with Peyton, Adah, and Sam. That meant that mom and dad got to spend the day out of the house. We went to church for the first time in months, and found some cute clothes to bring back for the babies. Adah is spending the night at Nonni and Grandad's house tonight (her first sleepover!), so mom and dad are trying out life with just two babies. Our conclusion: twins would be a piece of cake!

We finished Peyton's first video. You can see it online at the Clifford Triplets web site.

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