Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Peyton, Sam, and Adah have had a great couple of weeks since we last posted. They have been growing so fast and we can't believe how fast they are outgrowing all those cute clothes! We would suggest everyone invest in Gymboree, Carter's, and Babies R Us stock over the next couple years as the Clifford kids will be spending lots of money there!

We've taken the stroller out for several walks over the last couple weeks. We've visited the Advising Center so the babies could meet Leslie, Nancy, Glory and Stacey as well. We can't wait for them to keep getting bigger ... they'll be running all over campus before we know it!

The babies were 8 weeks old last Friday (February 15), so we visited the doctor for the dreaded shots (4 of them each!). There were definitely some tears, but Peyton, Sam and Adah handled it like champs. Everyone we talk with is always curious about the babies' current "stats", so here they are from the last doctor's visit on February 15:

7 lbs 19.5 inches

8 lbs, 8 oz 20.5 inches

7 lbs, 0 oz 20 inches

As you can see, all three are growing great and putting on the pounds. Not bad considering their actual due date is this Saturday, February 23!

PS - We also want to say congratulations to our friends Stephen and Nathalie Potts who just welcomed Katelyn into the world on February 18. Matt, JoAnne, Peyton, Sam and Adah can't wait to meet her!

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Sarah said...

Hey Joanne!
Congrats on your new little ones to love! My mom sent me your google page and I am so excited to be able to keep up with you, Matt and the babies.

I'd love to catch up sometime--when things settle down!