Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Peyton gave us a little scare yesterday. The nurses suspected that she had a stomach infection, which could range from nothing much to a serious problem. She stopped getting food yesterday and started an IV and regular X-rays to look at her belly. Today she's doing much better. Her X-rays have all been fine, and she's starting to eat again (only a half-teaspoon at a time though). She's taking some antibiotics to battle any potential infections that she may have, but so far the doctors haven't seen any bacterial infections. Peyton lost her umbilical cord yesterday, so we can see her belly button!

Sam is doing well. He had three bacterial infections, but one of them is gone. He's still on antibiotics for another week or so to make sure the other infections are dealt with. He's almost 4 pounds now, and is breathing "room air" now, which is great news! He's always very active when we come visit him (that means he will cause us lots of trouble!).

Adah is also gaining weight well. She's almost 3 lbs., 12 oz. She's being very good for her nurses while they take care of Peyton. Adah lost her umbilical cord today!

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